Harvest Conclusion 2022

Well it started in February and we are still going with the last of the cabernet sauvignon due to be harvested on Monday 25th April. This is our latest (previously completed on 15th April) and longest harvest in 12 years.

It has been a harvest of contradictions. The mild spring and early summer delayed vine development and then the heatwaves of January and February kicked things along.

Harvest has been regularly interrupted by cold fronts bringing rain days have been warm and sunny with nights cold and chilly! The white grapes ripened earlier than on average with lower sugars while the reds have ripened later than usual with relatively high sugars but with great natural acidity.

Volume is up around 20% on last year and the quality has been at the upper end. Chardonnay 2022 is tasting particularly stunning as are the still fermenting reds. For those Elysium lovers you will be delighted we have managed to declare a vintage for 2022!

You will be in for a treat!

Yours in wine,

Gerard & Migo