Preparing for Harvest 2020!


So it’s T minus some and counting!

Veraison (the process of the green skins on the grapes turning to purple or in technical terms the chlorophyll being replaced by tasty anthocyanins!) is well underway at Holden Manz.

Merlot, normally the front runner, is a little slow this year while the reserve syrah block is leading the charge with some beautiful bunches.

Cellarmaster Thierry has been doing his rounds checking out-growers of the chenin blanc old bush vines, the high mountain chardonnay and the Wellington grenache and cinsault.  He returns each time with a big smile so we can only assume he is impressed.

We expect to receive our first green grapes in around one month from now so all the harvest equipment needs to be pulled out, cleaned and checked it is working correctly!

In the meantime we are waiting for the next batch of labels to send more bottles of Rothko Rosé to our thirsty customers and have introduced our premium Hiro Rosé to our Tasting Room customers during the Christmas holidays.  The first bottles of Hiro are making their way to Gauteng, Europe and the USA as we speak – this is a rosé which is definitely giving the top Provençal producers a run for their money.  Buy yours by clicking this link!

Yours in wine

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