Lockdown – Day 134


Happy Friday from a stunning sunny day in Franschhoek!  Don’t get too jealous as we have a cold front moving in on Sunday for the whole week.

Monday is a public holiday in South Africa to celebrate Women’s Day so many people are taking advantage of a long weekend.  Indeed the private schools add on an extra day of the holiday today so no homeschooling which leaves the kids to charge around the estate on their bikes while we pack for a couple of nights by the sea in Hermanus!  This will be the first nights off the farm in 140 days! Yeah!  We get to swap the beautiful mountains for sandy beaches and whales frolicking in the surf.

We had a busy week on the farm – labelling Vernissage for an export order and most importantly blending the two 2020 rosé wines, the two 2020 chenins and the 2020 white blend.  We have some fantastic wines from the 2020 vintage which you will get a chance to taste later in the year

The legal action by the Wine Producers against the government continues to move slowly through the court system – and this is an urgent application – with a court date set for the 18th August.  The government’s response to justify its record of decision was to dump 350 pages of literature which all said the same thing – alcohol in excess is bad. We don’t disagree but there is nothing which suggests that moderate consumption of wine in tasting rooms, restaurants and at homes does anything to fill up the ICU beds.  Taxis can be 100% full, no-one polices the wearing of masks or keeping a window open and this is surely a huge vector to spread the virus. We live in a complex world of contradictions.

Luckily the export market is pretty strong and the campaign #SaveSAWine is picking up momentum and encouraging wine consumers overseas to buy South African wine.

On the wine side, we wanted to keep it simple and extend the 30% off sitewide until midnight Monday to give you time to shop during the public holiday!

Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support.


For those of you who are outside South Africa please support us via our partners and grab that extra case or two – every little help, and your support now will ensure we are still here when you return post COVID!

In the United States: Cape Ardor

In UK: Museum Wines

In Europe: Capreo

Thank you very much.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable weekend wherever you are!

Yours in wine!

Gerard & Migo

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