Level 3 – Rosé all day.


Happy Friday to you all!

Friday 26 June 2020 is day 92 of Lockdown but also International Rosé Day as promoted by the producers of Provençal Rosé. 

It is also our 22nd anniversary of meeting so some rosé will definitely be consumed tonight in the Holden Manz household!

Unfortunately, some 9 days after the President’s announcement that restaurants and guest houses will be able to open we still have no detailed regulations governing these activities other than a statement that no alcohol may be consumed in restaurants. 

This means we still cannot deliver tastings of our award-winning wines in the Holden Manz Tasting Room although we have been welcoming intrepid travellers from Cape Town who have been treating themselves to a day in Franschhoek while stocking up on Holden Manz.

Our special offer today (valid until midnight Sunday 28 June) is: buy 12 bottles of Rothko Rosé 2019 and get 6 with our compliments. No need for a code, we will add the complimentary case upon shipment.

Yours in wine

Gerard & Migo

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