When last did you experience time, for you, only you!


Holden Manz Country House offers a home away from home, nestled between our fruit orchards and vineyards whilst being spoit in true luxury. The 5 star country house which suits any time of the year, welcomes you to make yourself at home while sipping on our delicious award winning Rose next to the pool in the warmer months, or indulge yourself in from of one of our log fires with a glass of our sultry Good Sport Cape Vintage, either of these setting the tone for a time of relaxation and breaking away from the stresses of every day life. Personalised service from our staff ensure your needs is catered for, allowing your clear your mind and absorb the beauty of what we call home. The appointed rooms show case our love for art, attention to detail and send you to gentle slumber in our luxuriously comfortable beds. Once you awaken from a rejuvenating sleep, our personalised breakfast experience will energise you to kick off your day with vigour to explore our beautiful valley!

Visit once and you can be assured that you will be back to enjoy this gem of the winelands time and time again.

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