Enter Cabernet Franc – the game changer…


A few years ago the thought of producing a single cultivar Cabernet Franc was somewhat of a bizarre idea. Many questioned why we would do something so outlandish. A few with the same vision and mindset produced this superb wine, with spectacular results. Cabernet Franc has in a short time gained recognition as one of the most superior wines being produced by those who have dared to take the challenge to work with it. 2012 saw our maiden vintage of our Cabernet Franc, the unknown dark horse. However, after this kicked up a fair amount of a stir, we continued to place our stamp in the world we have found ourselves in now, and with spectacular results. Our 2013 vintage was smacked, within a quite short period with 93 points from Robert Parker and 4 and a half points from John Platter plus a few others to add to he list, with us proudly being able to boast that this idea which stemmed from an afternoon lunch conversation over a bottle of Big G (which has a component of Cabernet Franc!) has shown its true colours and has made itself comfortable in the stable of our reserve wines. A small quantity of this award winning wine is produced each year, so keeping your ear to the ground is essential to be part of the privileged few to include this wine in the cellar.

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